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#45 — A Few Busy Updates

Brandon's Bulletin
I’m going to keep this one short, with a few updates of what’s been happening with me as of late. I feel like life has been blurring by, and I wanted to take a pause to reflect and share what I’ve been up to. Read on if you’re interested!
I hope everyone is staying positive throughout these incredibly difficult times right now. Sending good vibes to everyone :)

a few busy updates 🦁
Three weeks ago, I sadly ended an era of nearly four years. I’ve been working at a local optometry since my grade 11 co-op semester (now in third year of university). I have so much appreciation for everyone at that clinic: Dr. Laura Di Nino, Denise, Cindy, and all of the people I’ve been able to meet throughout these past four years.
This week, I just signed on with KPMG officially. I’m going to be joining the digital health arm — all things healthcare and life sciences. This is an incredibly exciting next step for me for this summer, and I’m so thankful to everyone who has supported me throughout the rigorous recruitment process.
What I’m hoping to get out of this experience: breadth across the healthcare sector (exposure to different engagements across the board), corporation-level operations and management strategy, and industry-level connections and experience.
If anyone has any advice/people I should meet, feel free to let me know!
Recently, we’ve been able to get back to playing basketball. I’m on my campus varsity team and we were able to have our two games in the past week. Such a great feeling to be able to back to playing competitive basketball. It’s been three years and 11 months since my last game — basketball ended up being the vector for which I was diagnosed with my autoimmune disease (ITP).
Being a student within the life-sciences’ stream at my university, we’ve always been taught that truth originates with science. “Backed by science” they say.
I’ve recently joined the Reboot Fellowship in the techxhealthcare stream where we’re currently working our way through Blood Sugar by Anthony Ryan Hatch, on racial pharmacology and the origins of metabolic classifications. Going to write about my learnings in the program in depth, but this is the first time I’m being exposed to the sociology behind innovation, particularly within science.
Lots of huge perspective shifts here and excited to continue learning!
Two months ago, I decided to put my name into the KPMG Innovation Challenge. I was randomly assigned to a group full of business kids and tasked to create an innovative solution that would combat climate change.
This provided me with a satisfying opportunity to bring two worlds together, leading the ideation of our solution: Carb-Vac, the carbon vacuum. This was effectively an apparatus full of genomically engineered bacteria that would “vacuum” carbon emissions, based on research done in 2019.
Long story short, we placed 1st of 132 teams across Toronto and ended up qualifying to the National competition (top 19/1200 in Canada). Unfortunately, that was where our journey ended but it was a great experience diving into this space!
Now this. We’ve officially merged with Nucleate to form Nucleate Dojo. This is such an incredible feeling to join forces to continue to enable undergraduate students towards biotech.
I won’t spoil it for you, so check out the full press release and Twitter thread. Oh and we’re recruiting so if you’re interested, let me know!
If you made it this far, thanks so much for taking interest in what I’ve been up to over the past few weeks! I am so humbled to have these opportunities and am so grateful to everyone who has taken part in this so far. Excited for what’s to come!
For the next couple of months, going to focus on finishing off the school year strong and preparing myself for the summer. Trying to enjoy as much of uni as I can — 4th year is fast approaching!
Catch you all next time. Have a great week!
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