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Maximizing Your Opportunity

Brandon's Bulletin
Hello everyone 👋
2nd year is over! I’m officially halfway through my undergraduate degree, a wary reminder that life just goes by EXTREMELY FAST. This is crazy…
This Week’s Work ⚡️
  • Back on the YouTube grind — Laid out a sustainable “Video Pipeline” and some strategies that I want to use to maximize my growth on YouTube! We’ll see how that all turns out…
  • Just relaxed for a bit — Played lots of basketball and even baked with my sister for an afternoon! Feels good to just have some time off to myself :)
Next Week’s Goals 🎯
  • Prepare for my summer project — Reading lots of reviews and trying to familiarize myself with the foundations of my project over the next week!
  • Figure out Instagram — Trying to be more active on Instagram (@by.brandon) to expand my reach and hopefully impact more people (and also to push myself bc I’ve never been one to post frequently on social media)
Maximizing Your Opportunities ☁️
I baked for the first time this week. It’s honestly so good to just take a couple days off school, work, research — everything basically, and just have time for myself. It’s also given me time to think about my summer priorities:
  • My research project this summer
  • Implementing a sustainability plan at iAscend
  • Establishing external partners for BioDojo
  • Focusing on YouTube growth and reach
  • Generating low-maintenance passive income streams
I’ve thought a lot about YouTube, and one thing I always circle back to is the use of Instagram. But it’s not easy.
It’s been tough to get started, because I am not the type of person to just put myself out there on social media. If you know me, you know. Honestly, this is probably due to some insecurities, fear of what other people think, and a lotta imposter syndrome.
Maximizing your opportunity. I’m a firm advocate for giving 110% into everything that you do. To me, not going “all-in” may be a sign that your time could be better spent on something that you’re genuinely really passionate about.
I’ve just learned that life is just way too short to give anything less.
This is something I’ve heard several people struggle with, including myself (as you can see). The notion of holding back a part of yourself / your brand / your goals, because you’re “too fearful / overthinking / insecure” about what would happen or what other people would think of you.
If you think about it, we have so many avenues we could utilize to leverage our goals. It’s really just up to us to see how we’re going to maximize them.
Honestly, the best thing to do is to Nike: just do it.
It’s a reminder to myself too, and I need to hear this on a very frequent basis. Well, so here goes nothing, the start of my new (and hopefully more active) Instagram. Wish me luck :)
Cool Bio this Week 🦠
💉 mRNA Vaccines: from Bench to Bedside — So great to hear Wilson Poon speak about mRNA vaccines, from it’s history, manufacturing, and eventual deployment all across the world. It’s a fairly complex system in which I underestimated greatly, so I’d encourage everyone to have a listen to the recording if you’d want to find out more. Link can be found here.
Quote of the Week 💭
“Great people do things before they’re ready” — Amy Poehler
Video of the Week 🎥
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