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What a Simple Handshake Taught Me

Brandon's Bulletin
Hello everyone 👋
New format this week! Trying to switch it up and provide some “insights” first before I start rambling on about myself. Let me know what you think about it :)
Happy mothers day! What started off as a rather gloomy week really picked up for the weekend (phew). It’s been a tiring week for me — I’ve been kind of struggling to get back into that “work mode.” It honestly feels like the only thing keeping me afloat are the deadlines…I hope I’m not the only one feeling like this.
Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash
Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash
What started as a simple handshake has honestly changed my life.
I’ve been lucky to have really powerful role models to look up to throughout my life. I’m also very lucky to have been involved in music and sport growing up.
To this day, I have a very deep respect for Coach Ryan & Kevin, who coached me for 2-3 years at my local ball club. Yeah, they were real good coaches, but they’ve also taught me lots about life too, things I’ve internalized even to this day.
Handshakes. We had to shake our coaches hands before and after practice — not some floppy handshake thing but a solid, firm, dominant even handshake. If not, we would have to do suicides (and no one likes doing suicides).
I can recall one particular moment at the end of my grade 9 volleyball tryout. I went up to my (would’ve been) volleyball coach and shook her hand after it was over. She was confused, and didn’t know why I was attempting to shake her hand. It was respect, and a sign of gratitude. Unfortunately, I didn’t end up making that volleyball team but we went on to develop a great friendship despite not having her as my teacher or coach.
I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t fully appreciate what they were teaching me at the current moment. But in retrospect, they taught me what it means to respect people, express your appreciation for them, and always acknowledge that you always have something you can learn — all from a simple handshake.
What I learned from Coach Ryan and Kevin were a bunch of fundamental principles that extended beyond the basketball court. They taught us the “playbook” of life — and I look forward to sharing a few of them over the next few weeks.
Sending you all a virtual, firm handshake today. I appreciate you for reading and for sharing this journey of life with me. Until next week!
Me this Week 🤡
  • What I learned — how experimental design can be pretty difficult, a little bit more about crypto (thanks Will & the bitswap team), and how I really need to go outside on a daily basis or else I will die
  • What I did — designed the experimental protocols for my summer project, kickstarted iStartup by iAscend, and started a synbio course!
  • What I’m going to do — figure out how to limit my screen time (<2hrs/day), get back to my work schedule, and spend some more time in my faith
What about you? Let me know by shooting me an email. I’m thinking of creating a really small focus community for accountability purposes. What do you think?
Quote of the Week 💬
The handshake of the host affects the quality of the roast — Ben Franklin
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