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Why we should celebrate wins

Brandon's Bulletin
Hello everyone 👋
I think I’m slowly getting the hang of my schedule again! Been trying to group similar tasks together (ie. meetings, work, fun stuff, etc) and I found that to be pretty helpful in terms of clearing up my mind.
Photo by Levi Guzman on Unsplash
Photo by Levi Guzman on Unsplash
Why we should always celebrate each other’s wins
I love it when I see my friends succeeding. It makes me super happy, especially when I know of the struggle that they had to endure prior to reaching their “goal.”
One of my best friends just did something crazy, and I’d like to share it with you in short.
2019 — Entered Wilfrid Laurier’s BBA Program with Coop
  • Professional resume was completely empty entering first year (not academically solid prior to university)
  • AIESEC + House Council Clubs, but got rejected from Finance/Investment clubs
  • Was part of the core team that started iAscend in the summer 2020
  • Started doing finance projects and tinkering with code
  • Worked with VISA ex-SVP on her startup
  • Yet, still got rejected from WLU’s co-op program
2021 — Bouncing Back
  • So, worked 2 unpaid jobs in Fall 2020 semester
  • Networked like crazy to get several interviews
  • Applied to the Richard Ivey School of Business at Western University
  • Was able to secure job under Capital Markets at CIBC for this summer
  • Got into Ivey from WLU (unofficial 8% total successful transfer rate)
Damn. I think it’s even crazier since I was able to be there throughout his failures and now incredible comeback. Super happy for him.
One of the counterproductive things I have been seeing is a growth of a competitive culture, where this environment idealizes stacking people up against each other and putting us in silos. It’s been sad to see the ends of friendship coming from envious attitudes towards others’ successes.
In my opinion, there’s a very humbling aspect of just being proud of your friends when they achieve something. Setting aside your ego for a second and just appreciating all of the hard work that they’ve put in to achieve those goals is something we all need to do more often.
I’ve been trying to make this a fundamental part of my identity and it’s helped me stay true to who I am and actually avoid comparisons. I hate playing the “catch up” game, and comparing myself to others makes me feel exactly like I’m doing that. Instead, I’m trying to be more confident in my unique journey and path, and it’s been doing wonders for me.
At the end of the day, everyone’s on a unique trajectory. We need to make sure that we stay true to that and avoid conforming to someone else’s path.
Until next week, congrats again Victor!
Me this Week 🤡
  • What I learned — various phagocytosis assays, the importance of sleep (through the book I’m currently reading)& long-COVID in kids
  • What I did — played lots of basketball this week, got caught up with my responsibilities, got my 2nd dose of Pfizer
  • What I’m going to do — onboard the new team for iAscend, learn some more phagocytosis assays, start stretching more
Quote of the Week 💬
The more you praise and celebrate in your life, the more there is in life to celebrate — Oprah Winfrey
Video of the Week 🎬
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